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Tourist Guides

On-Line Brochures and Guides (courtesy of the Correze Tourist board):


Tourist map
Map with main points of interest, practical information on heritage, outdoor activities, gastronomy and events.

Download the map :
Front (1,26 Mb)
Rear(1,91 Mb)


Practical Guide
Map of the Corr├Ęze, visits and excursions, gastronomy, outdoor activities, festivals, events and useful addresses.

Download the guide :
Part 1 (6,07 Mb)
Part 2 (3,08 Mb)
Part 3 (2,69 Mb)

Welcome to the Massif Central – Located right at the heart of France, covering the Auvergne and Limousin regions, the Massif Central has some of the largest areas of unspoiled natural landscape in Europe. With exceptionally dark night skies, it is also a stargazers delight with clear views of the Milky Way, the Constellations and occasional Shooting Stars.